About Barnave Inc

About Barnave Inc- Barnave Inc. has been in business for over the last 50 years. Originally a furniture upholstery business, it didn’t take long for Barnave Sr. to realize there was great need in the elevator industry for elevator protection pads. We found our mission. We are here to help protect you elevator investment. We pride ourselves on making a quality product, offering our elevator protection pads in a variety of colors and durable vinyl materials to protect your elevator walls from damage. We want to preserve the appearance and life of your elevator interior. All of our elevator protection pads are made to your elevator specifications our pads help prevent costly repairs due to damage done by day to day passengers, everyday service, movers, and heavy duty construction. We offer you the best combination of quality, selection, and delivery. Let us protect you elevator investment.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Our elevator protection pads are constructed of a durable vinyl material. We have two weights: Standard Vinyl and Heavy Duty Vinyl. Our Standard Vinyl Elevator Protection Pad consists of a front and back layer of 9oz vinyl with a 3/16” layer of foam between the two. Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Elevator Protection Pads consist of a front and back layer of 14oz vinyl with a ¼” layer of foam between the two.

Once an estimate has been approved by the customer, it takes about a week for a delivery to be sent to the customer’s ship to destination.

Yes the do. Our elevator protection pads conform to all pertinent USA and Canada GSA safety codes for passenger car enclosures. Our Protection Pads are flame retardant in accordance with ASME A17.1 rule 2.14.2 for passenger car enclosures and all pertinent USA Standards and Canadian codes. Including ATSM E 84 MVSS302, UND Lab Standard UL 94 Can3 –B44 –Rule 3.6.2 and NFPA 701.

You can easily reorder your pads by send us the invoice number that was attached to your original order. Each set of elevator pads receive their own invoice number.